Shoemaker Plantation

Once the identity of the slaveowner has been established, it is possible to locate the farm or plantation. Based on deed records, a fairly clear picture of the boundaries of the Shoemaker plantation could be drawn.

This first picture is from an 1897 map of Morgan County. It shows land lots, roads, and houses and is centered on the land owned by the Shoemakers until the 1870s.

The second picture is a portion of the 1992 Georgia Department of Transportation road map of Morgan County. The boundaries of the Shoemaker plantation have been highlighted.

This is a picture of Clack Road, looking southwest toward Spears Road, across Shoemaker Creek, and running through what was the Shoemaker plantation.

These are pictures of two houses built before the Civil War that are still standing today. The first is southwest of Shoemaker's land and the second is almost due south. These structures would have been familiar to everyone living in the community in the mid-1800s.