Researching your family history can be enlightening, exhilarating, frustrating, and sometimes painful. Knowing the truth about your family's experiences gives you important knowledge about who you are today.

This site will help you learn how to research your African-American family history using actor-comedian Chris Tucker's family as an example.

Chris Tucker's Ancestry

Discover historical accounts of Chris Tucker's ancestors and view images of the documents used to research his family history. No research was performed on Tucker's paternal family.

There are many kinds of records that can be used to document a family history. Some records come from private sources, like family photos and church records. Other records are public — like tax records, censuses, and death certificates — and are housed in government facilities. All the documents on this site are from public sources.

Research Your Own Ancestry

Walk through the process of finding your own ancestors, using examples from the Chris Tucker research. You will learn what records are available and how to use them to correctly interpret the history of your ancestors.