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Atlanta Dog Tags, 1894-1920

Have you ever wondered if your ancestor owned a dog? If they did, do you know its name or breed? If your ancestor lived in Atlanta between 1894 and 1920, you might be able to find both pieces of information about the family dog.

The Dog Tags register, available at the Atlanta History Center, provides the owner’s name, the dog’s name, and a description of the dog.

Many of the names are familiar today: Spot, Snookum, Fluffy, Fido. Others are named for famous people: Mary McDay called her Black and Tan terrier “Booker T. Washington,” while W. J. Campbell named his dog “Jeff Davis.” Still others give a sense of the dog’s personality; W. C. Bishop named his two white poodles “Fluffy” and “Trouble.”

The most morbid name of a dog in the registry is Dr. James F. Alexander’s Black and Tan, called “Crematory.”